You watch reels all. of. the. time.

Especially at 2 am and when you reallllyyy don’t feel like doing work.

Then, you go to make them for your own brand. And you feel…

  • Discouraged that you’re not getting thousands of eyes on your content
  • Confused by all of the transitions, audio options and effects (how do I make mine look like that?)
  • Frustrated that your reels not bringing you any new followers or customers
  • Out-of-the-loop because everyone is GUSHING about reels
  • Ready to change your ways so that you can become a reel expert

To say that reels were a gamechanger for Instagram would be an understatement.

Even if TikTok is a foreign concept to you, reels can change your life. The IG algorithm favours them (even for smaller accounts), they’re easy to make, and they allow you to connect with your ideal client faster.

But you have to know how to make them work for you.

First, let’s bust some myths about reels

"Reels are just a fad"

Truth: Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

Video marketing is proven to both grab your audience’s attention and build trust.

"Reels won't work for my industry"

Truth: Reels work for every industry

You just need to tweak your strategy, so you’re staying true to your brand and not compromising your authenticity.

"I don't have a fancy camera set up"

Truth: Your smart phone is perfect.

The less polished nature of reels is what makes them so popular -- they’re easy to relate to!

Grab your phone & let your ideas take centre stage.


A reel-focused course that shows you exactly what it takes to create reels that engage your audience and drive traffic to your IG page.

By taking the course, you will…

  • Say “bye” to the reel-creation overwhelm and enjoy creating them.
  • Turn your brand into an engaged community.
  • Learn how to do all the ~fancy~ reel techniques you’ve been trying to figure out.
  • Increase your influence and expand your impact on the world.
  • Attract more followers who love both you and your brand.
  • Bring in more sales and put more $$$ in the bank.


Wall of fame

These past students levelled up their IG accounts and their brands!

Our Reelers' Results

What's Inside:

Module 1:

Creating your Reel

Learn how to record and edit your reels. See our secrets for music, voiceovers, audio, and effects. You’ll start showing up as a video pro.

Module 2:

Crafting Scroll-Stopping Content

Come up with content pillars, so you’re never left scrambling, wondering what to post. We’ll give you the 3 golden pillars + some ideas while helping you avoid some common content pitfalls.

Module 3:

Mastering Transitions

You know you love ‘em. Master those clean transitions from clip to clip that will hook your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Module 4:

Selling in Disguise

13Use reels to sell authentically. No “icky” sales feelings over here because you’ll be selling from your heart and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

If you’re not creating reels, you’re leaving money on the table.

Remember the early days of IG? Neither do we! But when Instagram just started, it was wayyy easier to grow. Now, the platform is saturated with a lot of creators. IG Reels is the fresh feature you need to establish yourself and grow your reach on social.

But you have to be quick. To get the best benefits out of reels, you want to jump on the bandwagon NOW while the feature is new and the algorithm is reel-y in your favour.

Next round:

August 2021

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Is this the right course for me?

Are you a passionate business owner trying to grow?

Are you a brand who wants to be seen and cut through the noise on Instagram?

You're in good hands!

After doing all the heavy lifting for you, we've put together all of our must-have tips and secrets to help your Reels skyrocket.

Imagine waking up with 100 new followers overnight!

40K views in just 1 day!

We've made this happen and now we're teaching you how to do it too!

Whether you're just starting out with Reels and need to understand the basics, or if you're a seasoned 'Reeler' (that's what we like to call our students!) who wants to really nail their transitions and learn about how to use it to sell - then this is for you!


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