Comin' in hot:

Done-for-you reels

Save time. Expand your reach. Attract sales.

All while taking advantage of IG’s best feature.

You watch them. Then you watch them again.

Reels have a way of pulling you in and making it hard to disconnect.

Now, imagine if people felt that way about your content.

They would:

  • Share your reels on their Instagram page
  • Become raving fans of your business
  • Spend hours on your IG page, developing a relationship with you
  • Remember you, even after they turn their phone off

You would be the person that sticks in their mind when it comes time for them to make a purchase.

First, we need to bust these myths:

"Reels are just a fad"

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Video marketing is proven to both grab your audience’s attention and build trust.

"Reels don’t work for my industry"

Reels work for every industry. You just need to tweak your strategy, so you’re staying true to your brand and not compromising your authenticity.

"I don't want to dance!"

Although TikTok started as a music-focused app, the game has changed. You can make reels that match your personality -- no dancing necessary!

When you become a pro at reeling people in, you’ll notice

Increased engagement numbers (especially shares!)

More leads hopping into your DMs

A larger audience and more expansive reach

More sales and additional $$$ in the bank

That’s because IG rewards reels more than any other content. This feature has the power to put smaller accounts on the map, in a way that used to be much harder for small businesses and newer creators.

I need to get in on this

The dark side of reels

Like anything new, there’s a bit of a learning curve. If you’re used to feed posts and the occasional story, reels might seem like you’re venturing into new territory.

Figuring out audio, planning storylines, mastering transitions and editing your content all take time. And for a busy business owner like you, this is time that you don’t have.

Introducing: Done-For-You Reels

Take advantage of reels without having to uproot your entire social media strategy.

Give me your raw footage, tell me your vision or send me your products.

We’ll cross reel creation right off of your to-do list.

All you have to do is plan, chill and post.

That sounds like the dream

Done-for-you reels are ideal for…

E-Commerce Businesses

Show off your products in action.
Consistent reels let potential customers experience and fall in love with what you’re offering.

Lifestyle Brands

Show off what you stand for.
Nothing connects with your audience more than a packed-with-personality video.

Female Entrepreneurs

Take advantage of reels when it comes to growing your brand. Increase your sales, attract your dream clients and expand your reach with sharable video content.


Together, we’ll figure out what you’re looking for.

We’ll plan out your vision, and you’ll send me all of the necessary materials to create your reels for you.


When I’m working my magic, your time is yours.

Work on your business, have a marg or invite the girls over for a much-needed spa day.


You’ll receive your edited reels that are ready to be unleashed.

Now, all you need to do it hit that “post” button and watch the engagements start rolling in.



Book Your Session

Book a Day

Ideal if:

  • You’re on a tight deadline (hello launch!) and need a bunch of reels.
  • Your content is fairly consistent, and you’d like multiple videos around the same theme.

Investment: $1,499

This includes the full reels production.
Planning, shooting and editing.


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Reels aren’t going anywhere & this is the time to act!

The algorithm is in your favour and ready to
turn your content into viral videos.

Jump on reels before everyone discovers how incredible they are.


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